There are bodies that do not want
                                                     striated canyon orange
               decline lifted hands used to settling
                                                     upon long nearby surfaces shrink
                  momentary blindness the lightest
                                                     of touches quiet in avoidance hard
                      smile ravine shoulders the way
                                                     cats betray drunken cavern inclination
  to climb sunken eyes half-circles often partly
                                                     shuttered bodies observing the space
              between dirt and dirt limbs arranged
                                                     in positions they would not otherwise
                  choose the way earth moves arms
                                                     circle a generous neck as if such
                      gesture might fill what is asked
                                                     careful in sliding to divine
            cower sifting through emotions for one
                                                     to safely use water evaporates
                                the texture of beryllium 



                        The way her hair the way her
                                                    neck the arms hang like rope
                           one could tie an ox with tip
                                                    from a ridge shrinking
       laughter when she forgets Parowan Ophir
                                                    Salina descend as stepwell swimming she
                         is always going down the gap
                                                    of teeth cleft of chin
              the way elbows need be tenderized
                                                    lavender rub fennel deep
                     filtered ash to cushion charcoal
                                                    sketches mud slipped corners at lips
        lines the smoke makes she can replicate
                                                    tributary crumble in her hands yield
                       as silence inhabiting Salt Lake
                                                    Aquarius sediment stir aching
               floor Loa Orem shorebirds one-eyed
                                                    kitten eye roll red
      walls how it sneaks to you spilling her arid
                                                    in alkali stranded



                    Maybe the dirty swelling the din
                                                    that field tossed sun streaked
        her cheeks Paleo Anasazi rusted stinging
                                                    hinges an old barn bridle strap rub
     of thumbs curled round belt loops Flaming
                                                    Gorge a rope tied fat
                   silver buckle holds nobody corral
                                                    collapse her depressions ripped jeans
                   pocket knotted to thigh tear soft
                                                    erode thistle maybe
                                 boots digging mud flats
                                                    to knees could kick the living d____
                 out of hard-walled eggs and brine
                                                    flies she deep a dented
          shovel furious sow at Castle Gate a hat
                                                    pressed long easy frayed braids
           waving metallic flame circles air husky
                                                    leaning in



                  Two thousand acres between fourth
                                                    and sixth rib rim high
                               low frequency the Narrows
                                                    want farmhouse Abravanel closure
                 Caldera explosions thicken the color
                                                    letting Goshen what can be heard standing
                           rock and Wasatch Ogden wait
                                                    echo musicology tribal myth Saltair
Paiute in prayer to vertebrate architecture what
                                                    bones tend to trilobite
         interdisciplinary build Arches traverse her
                                                    Delicate arteries make of shape her
        outcropping in this territory fissures glance
                                                    sideways departure periodic and dry so
                               strata flow rainless shallow



                          But this isn’t why we‘ve come
                                                     ahead some clouds tangled
                 in Moab Ephraim effacing Zion Bryce
                                                     the amount of matter in green &
                         the blue that made this island
                                                     measured the cut of her
               rock this sand flat salt bed dedicated
                                                     to snow holds flowers
                         do not live anywhere but Ivins
                                                     in dusk cactus eyes cross
                  roots we do not stray from Fremont
                                                     corridors trusted navigate cedar
                 break skulls of ancient animals bend
                                                     lids alluvial soil pieces
                   of earth collapsed faces and spines
                                                     sea rubbed hillways we
                        sinking look down out of breath
                                                     we breathe we
                            walk on a soft bed skeletons