the disappearing artist

when arctic bound or subtropic, interplanetary yet earth returning.* in disappearing an art practiced. savant travelers absent as one could ever vacate a mind he tries. he toys. appearing sporadic to nibble the fruit body, bloom, low stem to a high. in these positions pretending learned to build cabins of rope or flesh. mud pies.



*A meteorite that landed in a local yard contained the first extraterrestrial water ever captured on Earth. The microscopic bubbles of primordial water are locked inside crystals of halite, the mineral in table salt, which has turned blue and purple due to radiation. The crystals and their liquid cargo appear to date from the dawn of the solar system about 4.5 billion years ago.



[part 2]

wear a pretty dress      a host

passed patient, wheatlike

the larger of two in a symbiotic

pair or an enemy, a cell

on which we feed

flat ceilinged, straight aisled the pastor cavernous

we’d rather the bread in celebration

transfigured      prefer the animal sacrificed*      arching

a gymnasium, a waterhouse, a looking glass, a carousel

rotating poles, the tiniest of windows, metal rafted sun stained



*"My gosh, it happens every day—that's what slaughterhouses do," said one official, explaining that pig hooves could puncture the sandbags and cause a levee breach. "That's how we get bacon and pork chops."



[part 3]

glass through which a heavenly

body dazzles allowing such sun mornings couldn’t we

occasionally people

fleeting see pretty industrial aversion eyes from the altar wear

a pretty

genuflection     to kneel as a warehouse crossing      a dress

yourself                       stand clutching a hymnal yet

letting in so       little light