Do you remember when it was colder at night?




a “blanket” to limit the losing / when missing below

the shoulder are linkages, a motor for manipulating / elastic

bands or springs for gripping, rubber 




Aerial, a resonant antenna & vice versa; to induce alternating, imitate the anatomy of a river: an artery carries ships at a constant speed, powering the passage of precious data; to determine the course of wind recording a tiny voltage refracted; with intensity diminishes noise from accidental radiators; if the magnitude is great, the desired pattern will be indiscernible; & we’ll have reached the limit of our communications.







Are we getting better at mimicking limbs?  




in a world remade we don’t question replacement / these things

virtually organic / a collection of digital skins we no longer

distinguish between what’s real & engineered / we’ve learned

to engage the appropriate parts