If you are four times the speed of light away, what keeps us tethered?




otherwise the air / is ours, where volatiles strike in that night

hum / we are changing, in places quiet or a warming drone


meanwhile by injury of missing hearts & lungs / technically

the finished item & all the attachments allowing easier mobility

an intimate socket / to fit with or without


locks, pinned / deflecting distractions such as metals at different

decibels we are of the same / pulse, a radio otherwise no means

of control but pulling / among the greenhouse / scatters light





If you look directly at the Sun, can you see my shadow?




short of hue, remember / when sky was blue, but sunsets

because you are so close the rays pass through, leave the glow

red / it’s been a long time since I’ve dreamt of someone




At a frequency below visible light, a signal; carried by oscillating fields, varying in proportion to the information sent; above all things in flight, tilted, wings spread, arms unfolding; as birds are a battery running indefinitely: a Continuous Wave extracted & converted to the original form: a hummingbird or hawk; an atmosphere to modulate; the vacuum of space.