\\seven weeks after\\


we all go          missing it’s

the mystery that kills    us that                          

counts             the number of others   

lost until every now 

& then surfaces            in the news, you mean             you miss

pushing things             suggest

meditation       & he laughs      why is it funny

he says         it isn’t      

don’t speak to break                off no matter how you shut

up you are always         interrupting




they sent all the living  





if contours delineated

how other people rely on other 

people              like landslides reshape an edge 

knowing they will never           leave but everyone 

eventually gives            way


\\ten weeks after\\


two months in the desert         

he wanted                    you want to think about           

a thing shot  

down   is it the one                  another word 

for flying          as if still                       suspended 

but of course               it is not the same plane 


\\four months later\\


where bathymetric 

to measure the depths or other large bodies

summary          missing,search ongoing 

what’s a good place to reinvent yourself 

side-scan sounders, multi-beam echo 

cameras can capture how 

much equipment does it take 

to turn up a tray table 

a stroller           a shoe              

lipstick             soda cans         missteps

as good as any              misdirection                 an inexplicable 

sequence of turns                                 239 bodies

the northern arc soon 

discounted       to pass heavily & those countries 

would detect an unidentified aircraft 

outside motherhood                to start 

in the same place         militarized airspace

same point of arrival 

only some cross over   why isn’t everyone 

as terrified as you                     running or

ruining into the ground (so to speak) (reality)

fifteen years to avoid               erasure             achieve immortality

in a way & for 

a moment you panic knowing you have not done 

what others are willing             to leave offspring

if she could raise a child on a farm, teach her

to sustain herself          when you discover on facebook 

it’s all over 

to learn a range of languages    survival skills you needed 

all the italicized portions 

past-tense        what is antiparallel       does it mean perpendicular       

or a blade worked back & forth horizontally  

you can write about children                keep

throwing things            or only unborn             

what belongs to you without locating  to what extent 

weathering       proliferation

try to stop counting the babies

what you can bury deep enough 

to determine spaces 

are more mutable than people

transported      up the coast     

where rains                  what you sacrifice sometimes 

try thinking you want to be      transported      

a house on a farm 

but she won’t live on that land             you write twice, hear  

once     the distance between a satellite            and circling 

the difference between             what’s expected

& received       the rate of transmissions 

you will never 

you will not cross over