dance lessons

monday, wednesday plié a bending. pretending to be hung cabinets from the kitchen spoons, sequins sewed mirroring another Jennifer. jeté jeté to break thursday. tropical pitchers, monkey cups. a leg stretched attempts perfection, harrowing stops. if ever doubted music such as steep, stir, sizzle and sweep. pas de bourrée as falling she never once spun.



[part 2]

of czestochowa invading

tartars (a little patter, footsteps)*

huffed and arrow pierced

my neck

sabers twice cheek

(where my shoulders)

scarred heroic

painting millions of wax

attempts to break

failing       we compare treachery

a mutiny of pokes, purple, barbs &

jabs          sun and vandals tear

an overdress       of pearls




*The number of sheep has quadrupled in the past two decades. Their individual weight also doubled, as farmers shifted to heavier breeds; a sheep hoof exerts similar levels of pressure to a tractor.  




[part 3]

with her numerous

causeways movable tubes carefully she       lay she

stayed an arm       astonishingly pink call her

sweetie make her need just

bury her           a sort of excavation then

this site i wrote of         a spot

withdrawn        the bars we swung

from        doesn’t know these

betrayals inaccessible        i want to ask

back mutterings as she might

night lie         to resent dirt       grass