I’m a poet, book editor, lover of nature and music, and fan of Gilmore Girls/Guys and my beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

I’m interested in the intersection of words and other media, such as visual art, music, and technology; Blade Runner-esque explorations of past relationships (with baseball references inserted, as needed); and collaborative projects related to origami flower-folding, reclaiming language used to restrict women’s rights, and now, the works of postmodern dancers.

In 2014, with Chicago-based artist Jennifer Yorke, I begain developing projects based on my manuscripts “Flood Diary” and “A Rupture in the Interiors,” exhibited in Berkeley and Chicago, as well as a residency in La Porte Peinte in Noyers, France. I am currently working on a multiphase project with Sarah Rosenthal related to the work of dancers Simone Forti and Yvonne Rainer. Our digital chapbook The Grass Is Greener When the Sun Is Yellow is forthcoming from The Operating System in 2019.

I’m a founding member of the Bay Area Correspondence School, where I’ve exchanged mail art; spearheaded the writing of a collaborative Facebook poem about the “war on women,” which led to the creation of the chapbook A Body You Shall Be; and helped coordinate multiple events, most notably the BACS Variety Show and Art Extravaganza in 2017. For eight years, I was a member of Kelsey Street Press, where I helped produce many innovative books by women. Previously, with the g.e. collective, I laid out, produced, and assembled chapbooks with teams of crack bookbinders and set p readings for local writers in San Francisco.

My first book, a game of correspondence, was published by Black Radish Books and I’ve written or co-written multiple chabooks (for more on my books, go here!). My work has appeared or is forthcoming in various journals and websites, such as Barrow StreetVOLTInterim, and Letterbox (for some of my online publications, go here). 

A native St. Louisan, I arrived in San Francisco in 2003 and lived in the Bay Area for 12 years; I currently reside up the road in Portland, OR. I received my MFA in Writing from the University of San Francisco. In my daytime hours, I edit education books in Portland.

To get a hold of me, please send a note to val dot witte at gmail dot com