Figure 3. A kind of circling: walk the edge, stop and turn, repeat. These are patterns to settle into and continually replicate. We try comforting ourselves when there’s nothing else to do. Also: a way of feeling each other / out. (If he maintained a modest perimeter I didn’t question his reserve.) So much revolves around circles. (I did not let him out of my circle of vision.) The focus, persistence required to do something over and over. (He emailed after, apologetic; he wasn’t technically available.) [I wish I could confirm the wording but that account was hacked years ago.] I’ve always liked constraints: a way to maintain: we salvage what we can of our consciousness, in our cages. Patterns to settle into and continually replicate. (I always assumed the best of him.) How in dance we default to circles. A vague scene replays in my head: our positions are not fixed but I recall his back facing the exit. [It occurs to me that I’ve recorded the zoo animals in photographs, something Forti would never have done.] We are all subject to the laws of gravity. I just hope there isn’t an earthquake.

—from an ongoing collaborative project with poet Sarah Rosenthal, inspired by the work of post-modern dancers Simone Forti and Yvonne Rainer